• 壁の端がめくれ、奥から光が差し込む。そんな風景を生み出す照明。ふたつの直角三角形を長辺で合わせた形状で、壁の端に設置することで壁全体を照明装置に変えることができる。薄い三角形の面光源は、LEDと拡散版によって構成。裏側の穴にフックを引っ掛けて壁に設置し、電源コードは壁の隅に沿わせることで目立たなくした。

    Light is leaking from a corner of a wall that is peeling. This is a wall lamp that produces such scenery. The shape consists of two right triangles connected at the long side. Setting this at a corner of a wall turns the whole wall into a lighting equipment. The thin triangle light source consists of LED and a diffusion plate. There is a hole behind it to be fixed to the wall with a hook. The cord stays along a corner of walls so that it doesnt stand out.

    photos by 古川泰子
    photos by Yasuko Furukawa