• 見る角度によって透過性が変化する「塊」をモチーフとした箱のシリーズ。スチール製のフレームを、コンクリートや木、大理石のテクスチャーを印刷した目の細かなメッシュで覆って作成。このメッシュの特性を利用し、斜めから見ると不透明な塊に見え、正面から見ると中が透けて見える効果を持たせた。本来は重く不透明な塊のイメージに対して、見る角度によって、その真逆の軽く透明性を感じる矛盾を表現した。このプロジェクトは、Material ConneXion Tokyoが主催する「Material Design Exhibition」にて発表された。

    A series of boxes in the motif of “mass,” which change their transparency depending on the angle they are seen from. We printed texture of concrete, wood, and marble on fine mesh materials and covered them over steel frames. By maximizing the nature of the fine mesh, we created a unique effect; what appears to be a solid piece of mass when looked at from an oblique angle turns into a box with a view to its inside when approached from the front. The result is a contradiction in our perception where a heavy looking solid piece of mass alters to give the impression of transparency and lightness, exactly the opposite to our existing perception, when seen from a different angle. This project was presented at “MATERIAL DESIGN EXHIBITION” held by Material ConneXion Tokyo.

    photos by 古川泰子
    photos by Yasuko Furukawa