• 水たまりに咲く一輪の花。そんな風景を生み出す花器。平たい透明な器に水を注ぐと、水と器が一体となり本物の水たまりのようにみえる。器の壁の高さは1.5mm。表面張力と合わさってコップ1杯分の水が入る。器の内部に配した針に花の茎を差し込むことで、茎が水を吸い上げ花器として機能する。

    A single flower blooming in a puddle. This is a vase that creates such a scene. When water is poured into the flat transparent vessel, the water and the vessel become one and look like a real puddle. The wall of the vessel are 1.5mm high, and combined with surface tension, can hold a cup of water. By inserting a flower stem into a needle placed inside the vessel, the stem absorbs the water and functions as a vase.

    photos by 古川泰子
    photos by Yasuko Furukawa