• 広告会社のクリエイティブアワードのトロフィー。クリエイターたちが「称賛と嫉妬」を込めて思わず「Shit!」とさけんでしまうような素晴らしい作品に贈られる。ふわりと浮かび上がるリボンをモチーフに、最高に美しい「Shit」像を目指した。ステンレスの帯を職人がひとつひとつ高い精度で曲げて製造。

    A trophy of a advertising agency. It is presented to such a work that makes creators shout “shit!” with admiration and envy. With an image of a ribbon floating up gently, we tried to make the best “Shit” statue. It is made by a craftsman bending a band of stainless steel precisely one by one.

    photos by 古川泰子
    photos by Yasuko Furukawa